now seeking participants! by Katy Barbier-Greenland

I've just announced another callout for participants! Would love to hear from you if you've got a family secret you're happy to share with me anonymously.

Perhaps you've come across your secret while exploring your family tree? Maybe you've discovered that you're adopted, or were conceived with the use of a donor? Perhaps something unexpected has come to light through DNA testing?

If so, I'd love to interview you about your family secret and the impacts on your life, and how it's changed the ways in which you think about your identity and family. 

Please feel free to contact me through the Call for Participants form or by emailing me directly: 

I look forward to hearing from you!

Genealogy conference announcements! by Katy Barbier-Greenland

Is it just me, or are there suddenly an abundance of fantastic family secret related events cropping up? Two conferences on family history were announced yesterday, both held in the UK next year. Of course I'm planning on attending both, and hopefully will get the chance to share some of my research findings. 

The first is The Genealogy Show, a conference held over two days in Birmingham in June 2019. Follow their FB page for the latest news. The second is Family Tree Live, held in London at the end of April. There isn't a whole heap of info as yet but it's early days so watch this space. Looking forward to both!

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European Sociological Association - Sociology of Families and Intimate Lives research network by Katy Barbier-Greenland

The European Sociological Association research network that I'm a part of, Sociology of Families and Intimate Lives, has just published a callout for my project in their Spring newsletter! It's only emailed out to members, not published anywhere online, so I haven't been able to link it.

This research network is all about family sociology and supports research in this area on a wide range of topics including family forms, marriage and cohabitation, multicultural and transnational families, same-sex couples and rainbow families, family planning and fertility, infertility and reproductive technologies, parenting, mothering and fathering practices, intergenerational relationships and kinship networks,  cultural understandings of family, theories and methodologies of research on families and many more.

As previously blogged, I'm going to be attending their 2018 conference, 'Families Known and Unknown', at the University of Kuopio in Finland in June, and will share updates on the presentations. 

Thanks ESA!

Federation of Family History Societies - callout in newsletter by Katy Barbier-Greenland

The Federation of Family History Societies has published my participant callout in their newsletter. This newsletter is released every two months, and if you're interested you can sign up here.

The FFHS is an educational charity with over 160 member societies throughout the world, focusing on topics related to ancestry, family history and genealogy. I think they have a special focus on the UK, but there are links to sister organisations worldwide, including the Australian equivalent. Loads of resources available through their site. 

Thanks FFHS!