Missing Fetine

Forgotten Brides: Missing Fetine by Katy Barbier-Greenland

An incredible feature-length documentary film has been released very recently, Missing Fetine, chronicling an Australian woman's search to uncover what happened to her great aunt Fetine, after she was forced to marry and leave her homeland of Cyprus as a fourteen year old in the 1930s. Fetine was sold to a Palestinian man, married off as a child bride. In undertaking their research for this film, the filmmaker Yeliz Shukri discovered this wasn't a lone case, but there were hundreds more girls that were forced into a similar ordeal in the context of extreme poverty. The film takes a human rights approach and it looks like a remarkable family secret story, unravelled and told with empathy and respect. Can't wait to see it. 

Trailer available on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/254819803